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Document Shredding

Remain Compliant with Document Shredding

Consumers’ data is so important that The Data Protection Act was established to help secure it. Your business has a responsibility to follow the guidelines set forth by this Act; if you do not, you will not remain in compliance. For example, all data must be created and stored in a secure environment. In addition, that data must be destroyed in a secure way. If you have paper documentation, the best way to destroy it is by shredding it. If you have IT equipment or branded documentation, you must avoid fraud by shredding the items in a more permanent way.

While it sounds simple to get rid of a few documents, the job becomes quite large when you are dealing with paper from the whole office. Small shredders that you can get from the local store are expensive and make a lot of noise. They are also not very efficient; they do not get the job done quickly enough. These little machines were built for personal use rather than for business use; they can’t hold up to a large amount of document shredding.

It is important to think about the environment during this process. Recycling paper is crucial; you need to make an effort to show the community that you are trying to cut back on your carbon footprint. Shredding documents is a crucial part of the process, but it has, in the past, been very hard to do.

On-site shredding is the answer. You can securely get rid of your documents in a fast and easy manner. You do not have to worry about compliance or about taking care of the task yourself. You can save hours of time by simply letting us handle the job for you. We will get it done in a very short period of time and it will be done right.

A on-site shredding service can handle the shredding of your documents. At the conclusion of the service, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction that certifies that everything has been done according to plan. If you would like, you can view the shredding process so that you are personally assured of how the process was carried out. Once the confidential shredding is finished, the remains to our recycling centre.

There is a lot going on in today’s world. Trying to make a living is hard enough; you do not want to worry about securely shredding your documents as well. Hiring an on-site shredding company is the answer to help you manage your documents with little fuss or headache.